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Legal Disclaimer

The information posted on this Website (the “Site”) is posted by the owner of the Site, Metropole Realty Advisors, Inc. (“Owner”), as an accommodation to the tenants of Luxury Row and their customers.  Owner makes no representations regarding the accuracy of any of the information posted on the Site or whether such information, when posted, is current.  You are encouraged to contact the particular tenant whose information is posted on the Site with any questions you may have regarding such information, including its accuracy.  By using the Site and taking advantage of the information being provided to you on the Site you agree to hold Owner, Owner’s affiliates, and HSH 2100 LLC (the owner of Luxury Row), and their respective partners, members, managers, shareholders, directors, officers, agents, consultants, employees and agents harmless from any damage you suffer or believe you suffered from your use and/or reliance on any of the information included on the Site.